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Welcome to the Systems Engineering for Autonomous Systems (SEAS) Defence Technology Centre (DTC) website. The SEAS DTC was the fourth DTC to be established by the UK Ministry of Defence and was operated by a UK industrial consortium. Its aims were to research innovative technologies relevant to autonomous systems, at both whole-system and sub-system level and, through the adoption of Systems Engineering approaches, to facilitate pull-through of the technology into military capabilities.

The SEAS DTC has now completed all of its activities and has been brought to a close. As such this website has been frozen and is no longer being maintained/updated. This should be borne in mind when viewing this website, as given the extent of it the existing wording has been left unchanged from when the SEAS DTC was live. Please also note that whilst links were correct at the time of the website freeze, over time the websites they point to may change, at which point the links will become broken and will not be fixed.

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